Francesca and Luigi ~ Callanish Stones

This evening saw me at the Callanish Stones, doing a photoshoot with Francesca and Luigi, from Italy.  They have Scottish heritage, and were in the country for their clan gathering in the highlands. They wanted some "epic photographs" at the Callanish Stones, but realised we might not get perfect conditions. We were keeping an eye … Continue reading Francesca and Luigi ~ Callanish Stones

Kathryn and Douglas’s wedding ~ Isle of Lewis

Kathryn and Douglas were married in Stornoway at the end of April, on what, despite the horrible forecast, was a bright and dry day. After the ceremony, and some family and group photographs outside the church, we went to Cuddy Point for some bridal party and couple photographs with Stornoway harbour as a background. Then … Continue reading Kathryn and Douglas’s wedding ~ Isle of Lewis